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Explore 10 strategic categories critical to your enhancing your short term trip program.  We're certain these sessions will help you and your team achieve greater engagement and program success.  

Here's what you will get from this course:

  • 10 short video-guided courses
  • Facts about these 10 core functional areas
  • Assessments questions to help you evaluate your current engagement
  • Tips for how to improve
  • One key action item for you and your team
  • Downloadable worksheets with more ideas
  • Discussion board 

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Introduction and instructions for getting the most out of this course.

1. Participant Experience

It s important to consider the flow, experience, and even emotions of a participant as they walk thr...

2. Partnerships

Partnerships are more than just the location where we send groups, they are the two-step dance of th...

3. Applications

Building a strong application can save you significant work down the line as you better filter and p...

4. Team Leader Training

Your team leaders are often the lifeblood of your trips and the experience of your participants. Equ...

5. Trip Promotion

Getting the word out about your opportunities is the building block of getting people in the door an...

6. Preparing Your Team

Equipping a team well before a short term trip takes a lot of work but the payoff is huge. Your prep...

7. Communications

There are so many things to communicate out to your participants. Building a communication strategy ...

8. Automations & Sytems

Short term trips require hundreds of hours of management and hundreds of individual tasks to manage....

9. Task Management

There are many tasks and there are many ways to organize your tasks. Building a task management syst...

10. Post Trip Engagement

It might be said that the engagement after a short term trip is the greatest goal we have for partic...

Level-Up Your Short Term Trip Program

1 hour and 38 minutes


Will Rogers

Will’s career has been spent leading organizations and helping to mobilize people. He is the Executive Director of the Global Missions Health Conference and the co-founder of both ServiceReef and Cause Machine. Will has developed business and missional strategies for dozens of organizations in nearly 50 countries. Will and his amazing wife have two sons and live in Kentucky.

Micah Pritchard

Micah Pritchard is one of the co-founders of ServiceReef.com and Missional.Life, resources to help engage participants missionally and help drive efficiencies within our organization. When not solving problems, he enjoys the Colorado outdoors with his family.

Drew Davis

Drew Davis is a Community Pastor at Southeast Christian Church Crestwood Campus and the Director of Client Success at ServiceReef. Having previously served as the mobilization and awareness leader for missions at Southeast, Drew has been engaged in missions from serving locally, short-term trips and preparing people for the field for the better part of a decade. Drew lives in Kentucky with his wife and daughter.